Main Features of the Program


• Participants coming from different countries in the region.

• Lectures delivered by ESAN´s and international faculty.

• Connected to a selected research network.

International Research Stages

Participants are offered the opportunity to undertake a research stage related to their academic interest at prestigious institutions belonging to ESAN´s research network in ­ve different continents.


The program offers innovative and interdisciplinary research lines relevant to current managerial complexity.

Program Structure

The study program is part-time with a minimum duration of 2 years for the Master's period and 2 years for the Doctoral period.

Proven experience

Over 12 years of experience, 30 doctoral graduates and 86 doctoral candidates. Access to specialized databases for researchers, research software and a selected team of thesis directors with experience in research and publishing in scienti­c journals

To whom it is addressed

The program is addressed to faculty, researchers and business managers/directors interested in research and teaching.

Doctoral Program in Management Sciences (PhD) leading to two academic degrees:

  1. Master's degree in Research in Management Sciences, which has been offered at ESAN since 2009.
  2. Doctoral degree in Management Sciences (PhD).


Próximos pasos


Inauguración:  Jueves 10 de setiembre.

Informes e Inscripciones

Asesora Comercial: Maruja Muñoz
Teléfono: 317-7226 anexo 4141 

Asesora Comercial: Roxana Cauper 
Teléfono: 317-7226 anexo 4132

Duración y Horario

La duración total del programa doctoral es de 48 meses; 24 meses para la primera parte que conduce al grado de Magíster en Investigación y 24 meses para la segunda que conduce al grado de Doctor (PhD) en Ciencias de la Administración.