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Participants of Doctoral Program are academics and/or professionals interested in becoming researchers, and who wish to consolidate their career by combining teaching and research at a university or research center. This Ph. D. Program is devoted to those candidates with a confirmed interest in scientific research (social sciences) and in contributing to knowledge creation, preferably through academic articles. Seasoned professionals with experience and general familiarity with corporate issues may be interested in the Doctoral Program if they plan to pursue an academic career in the future. Also, young professionals willing to start an academic career will find this Program very valuable.

The candidates must have earned a bachelor´s and master´s degree (or equivalent for foreign applicants). As the reading material are fully in English, applicants are required to have an advanced level of reading.

Qualification Process

After completing the required documentation, an interview with a potential advisor will open the qualification process. The personal interview is carried out by the ESAN Doctoral Program selection committee. The day and time assigned for the interview will be announced in a timely manner. The candidate may be required to have more than one interview.

Once a potential advisor is found, the Admission Office process will begin. Admission to the Doctoral Program requires the candidate holds a Master's Degree.

This process requires:

  • An Undergraduate bachelor degree from an accredited university.

  • A Master's degree from an accredited university.

  • Copy of transcripts from undergraduate and graduate degrees. Once admitted, the candidate will need to bring the originals.

  • An essay of maximum of 500 word describing in detail the expected research topic to study.

  • A 500-word essay describing the reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree.

  • Two reference letters completed by a professor, school administrators or supervisors who have worked with the applicant.

  • An interview with a member of the doctoral program selection committee.

  • A Completed Application Form.

  • Copy of the receipt of admission fee payment.

After notification of initial acceptance into the Doctoral Program, students will be assigned an Academic Program Advisor who will provide initial orientation. Following the meeting with the Academic Program Advisor, the student will advance to the course enrollment process for the upcoming term. The notification of acceptance will also open the enrollment and tuition payment process. All of these processes will be completed before the start of the course. The tuition payments have to be cleared before classes start.

Próximos pasos

14 de Junio de 2021

Informes e inscripciones:

Ana Bertha Ruiz
Teléfonos: 317 7200 | Anexo: 44308

Jr. Alonso de Molina 1652 - Urb. Monterrico Chico, Santiago de Surco, Lima.

Duración y Horario

El programa doctoral se desarrolla en seis (6) semestres académicos. Incluye cursos, seminarios doctorales, seminarios de investigación, un examen de candidatura, la elaboración y defensa de un propuesta doctoral, desarrollo de tesis doctoral y su defensa que conduce al grado de (PhD) en Ciencias de la Administración.