Main Features of the Program


  • Participants coming from different countries in the region.

  • Lectures delivered by ESAN´s and international faculty.

  • Connected to a selected research network.

International Research Stages

Participants are offered the opportunity to undertake a research stage related to their  academic interest at prestigious institutions belonging to ESAN´s research network in ­five different continents.


The program offers innovative and interdisciplinary research lines relevant to current managerial complexity.

Program Structure

The Doctoral Program comprises six academic semesters. Courses are divided into doctoral seminars  and research seminars. It also requires a candidacy examination, the defense of a doctoral proposal, and participation in research events. Finally, graduation involves working on the doctoral thesis and its successful defense. All courses and activities are mandatory to obtain a Ph.D. degree. The Program of Study of the Doctoral Program in Business Administration is shown in the following table.

Although the minimum program requires six semesters of study, it is possible that students need additional semesters to complete the doctoral thesis. Experience shows that the expected time of completion of a doctoral program, including the defense of the doctoral dissertation is typically eight semesters.

If the participant has not approved the doctoral thesis by the end of the sixth semester, he or she may enroll in courses approved by the Director, in coordination with the research advisor, for as many semesters as necessary, according to the Doctoral Program regulations.

Courses are scheduled as a part-time program, 5-day intensive courses from Wednesday to Sunday (8am - 5:30 pm). The starting dates of the courses are always announced in a timely manner



  • Postgraduate Elective Course in Administration



  • Introduction to Research

  • Academic Writing

  • Statistics for Research I

  • Research Design I



  • Statistics for Research II

  • Research Design II

  • Statistics for Research III

  • Research Design III

  • Candidacy Exam



  • Seminar on Qualitative Research

  • Seminar on Advances in the Administrative
    Sciences I

  • Seminar on Advances in the Administrative
    Sciences II

  • Seminar on the Research Proposal

  • Defense of Research Proposal



  • Participation in Research Event I

  • Doctoral Research Seminar I



  • Participation in Research Event II

  • Doctoral Research Seminar II

  • Dissertation Defense

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Duración y Horario

El programa doctoral se desarrolla en seis (6) semestres académicos. Incluye cursos, seminarios doctorales, seminarios de investigación, un examen de candidatura, la elaboración y defensa de un propuesta doctoral, desarrollo de tesis doctoral y su defensa que conduce al grado de (PhD) en Ciencias de la Administración.