Management & Human Resources

English courses

The transformational leader

Transformational leadership offers an effective framework to motivate, empower, and energize a work force to accomplish more than had been previously expected or thought possible. This class uses a full range of leadership approach to help participants build trust, and realize improved teamwork and performance by engaging in a series of behaviors which are learnable and effective.

Managing communication for business leaders

Knowing how to communicate appropriately with different corporate publics is essential for a successful public or private organization. In this course, students will learn to recognize and understand different aspects of the communication process.

Strategic talent management

Managing a firm’s human talent is one of the most critical issues facing organizations today. Globalization and the resulting increased demand for high quality talent, combined with a shortage of skilled labor, have placed talent management at the forefront of global executives’ concerns. Attracting, retaining and developing high potential talent is crucial because the differential value created by the most talented employees is enormous.

Theory of Constraints: getting more out of your organization

TOC is a management philosophy introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his bestselling book titled The Goal (sold over 3 million copies). TOC is primarily focused on improving the performance of an organization by changing the way it manages resources.

The influence of culture on business and management

Understanding the influence of culture on business practices is an important aspect of managing organizational talent. This course will explore different cultural orientations, how culture influences behavior in organizations, and conducting business globally.

Organizational Change: The Chameleon Way

In the course, you will be introduced to the amazing world of "irrational behaviors" in organizations. You will get the opportunity to learn and experience different change approaches based on the "colored changed" theory. It helps you as a change agent to develop chameleon change competencies.

Spanish courses

Liderazgo socialmente responsable: enfoque empresarial

El presente curso se enfoca en identificar y potenciar los talentos que un individuo debe tener para ser un agente de cambio dentro de la sociedad. Además pone énfasis en el desarrollo de individuos plenos que buscan armonía en sus vidas.

Negociación como habilidad directiva

La negociación es un componente fundamental de la gestión diaria del directivo. El curso permitirá a los participantes diagnosticar las causas de los problemas que pueden encontrar en sus negociaciones, analizar nuevos enfoques de negociación y desarrollar habilidades que les permitan liberar todo su potencial y mejorar los resultados.

El proceso de coaching en el desarrollo de la inteligencia emocional

El curso da a conocer los procesos de coaching que ayudan a desarrollar la inteligencia emocional, lo que les hace especialmente atractivos en el desarrollo profesional y personal de los directivos y demás personal de la empresa del conocimiento.


January 14th - 18th, 2019

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