Organizational Change: The Chameleon Way

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Mark Govers,
Ph. D.

Schedule 1A: Monday – Thursday 8:20 – 12:00 (break 10:00 – 10:20) & Friday 8:20 – 10:00

About this course:

How to change your organization effectively? And, how to do this by energizing people instead of turning them against necessary changes in your organization? If you are interested in this, the course on “Organizational Change: The Chameleon Way” suits you well.
Changes in organizations unleash various reactions; reactions which are often labeled as “irrational” as they trigger levels of resistance that make changes complex and difficult. Paradoxically, these so-called irrational reactions are quite normal if organizations, people and change processes are understood. Peter Senge describes it in a catchy way with “people do not resist change, they resist to be changed”. It is essential that managers start to learn this, if they want to become effective change agents.

In the course, you will be introduced to the amazing world of “irrational behaviors” in organizations. You will get the opportunity to learn and experience different change approaches based on the “colored change” theory. It helps you as a change agent to develop chameleon change competencies. And, you will get the opportunity to learn about leadership and to assess your leadership style. These learnings will help you to develop more effective organizational change capabilities; especially, as continuous change is becoming the rule rather than the exception in most organizations. Furthermore, you will be challenged to apply the learned insights to your own organizational reality.


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