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Digital Marketing

Consumer Behavior is changing with the advent of internet. Consumers search on internet to find out more information about products and services whose advertisements they have seen on television or print. Whereas traditional mass media is ‘push,’ search is a ‘pull’ based medium.

Luxury brands strategy

This course explores the specificities of marketing in the luxury sector. Since brands are intangible assets, creating and nurturing a strong brand is always a challenge.

Visual Communication

We are exposed to thousands of visual messages on a daily basis (via social media, television, billboards, magazines, internet sites, product packaging, road signs etc.). Although we learn at school how to read text, we don’t usually learn anything about how to read images.

Advertising Management

The objective of this course is to introduce the key concepts, theories and methodologies relating to the world of advertising. We will adopt a perspective that will blend historical, theoretical, practical and critical aspects of advertising, media, marketing communications and branding.


Participants will learn the power of brands, the elements of brand meaning and identity, and how to design, build, and leverage brands. Brand examples across many industries and product categories as well as interactive exercises will be used to reinforce specific concepts.

International marketing: catching the growth wave in emerging countries

This course provides an overview of the main marketing management concepts and practices in today’s fast developing economies with a special focus on Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Social media marketing

Social media has helped give consumers a voice, connect them with their friends and other like-minded consumers, and has given them considerable power over marketers and brands.

Marketing strategy

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of marketing strategy, how to find and assess market opportunities, and how to design the elements of the marketing mix to create effective marketing plans.

Spanish courses


Gestión de la Relación de Clientes (CRM)

Ofrecer al participante una comprensión amplia de los conceptos fundamentales del marketing relacional y muy particularmente de la gestión de la relación con los clientes.

Maestrías especializadas

Análisis del Comportamiento del Consumidor

Estudio analítico de los procesos de toma de decisión, individual y organizacional, en los actos de consumo, a través del uso de ciencias del comportamiento (etnología, psicología y semiótica). Se incide en las implicancias de estos procesos para el marketing estratégico y la estrategia empresarial global.


July 01st - 05th, 2019

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