English courses

Productivity management

Benchmarking, productivity analysis and performance measurement are frequently used to improve a company’s products and processes. The practice of benchmarking - the global search for best practices - is widespread across many types of organizations, including NGOs, private and public companies as well as governmental agencies.

Managing in a complex and unpredictable world

This course is about making decisions in a world which is increasingly complex, uncertain and unpredictable. Managing in such an environment requires new tools, new knowledge and new competencies. In this course, we will explore how our biased cognitive abilities limit our apprehending a world that is more random and unpredictable that is seems.

Leading the execution of strategy

Executing the planned strategy is as important as formulating the strategic plan. This course will address how to make strategy execution a structured but flexible process and how to lead companies through articulated and mutually-reinforcing efforts across their multiple hierarchical levels.

Negotiating to create value

As the saying goes, “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Negotiations permeate most interactions that we have with other people. The class will use hands on cases to refine negotiating skills with content based on best practices from both academia and business.

Strategic communication and the ethical executive for today’s business world

Strategic communication is a term used today to mean “purposeful communication.” This course is for the students to become familiar with the terms and tools used when communicating via internal and external media. Crisis communication and how to respond ethically to negative publicity will be examined, with an inclusion of real cases.

Financial modeling and market analysis with Excel VBA

Future functional and general managers increasingly need to know how to exploit software applications, databases, and the Web to support executive decision making and enhance organizational value. In this course, students will enhance their knowledge of and skills in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Excel as a tool to solve managerial and business issues, as well as improve their own productivity.

Strategic price management

Managers spend a lot of time with several core components of their marketing mix (e.g., product/service design, promotion, distribution as well as the service components of personal contact, processes and physical evidences), but very often fail to consider the strategic implications of price management. As a result, companies frequently employ simplistic price setting approaches instead of conducting a detailed analysis about how buyers interpret prices.

Spanish courses

Pronóstico de ventas y planificación de operaciones

Este curso tiene por objetivo presentar y discutir los métodos de pronósticos y procesos del planeamiento de la demanda para poder coordinar y administrar de manejar eficiente el stock, las estrategias de promoción de ventas y el pronóstico de las mismas. Una primera parte del curso será consagrado a los métodos de pronósticos mientras que la segunda parte se consagrará al“match” entre el pronóstico y el manejo del stock y las promociones de ventas con la finalidad de mejorar el rendimiento de la cadena de suministro.

Nuevos enfoques y herramientas en el campo de la dirección estratégica de la empresa

El constante cambio del panorama competitivo y los cambios tecnológicos disruptivos, hacen preciso que reflexionemos sobre los enfoques, paradigmas y herramientas más adecuadas para la gestión empresarial actual. En el curso se analizarán las herramientas tradicionales del enfoque estructuralista, frente a los instrumentos más modernos del enfoque reconstruccionista.

Modelos de previsión de negocios

Los dirigentes al interior de las empresas están confrontados a tomar decisiones. Este curso tiene por objetivo ofrecer respuestas a través de la presentación y desarrollo de los métodos de promedios móviles, el método de Winter para ventas que siguen un patrón estacional y por el método de Box & Jenkins.


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