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Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Business Administration aims to train professionals to acquire solid research skills, that will enable them to carry out academic research in the field of Business Administration. In today's competitive academic world, business schools around the globe are searching for capable fulltime professors. They look for those who can publish scientific research in leading journals, as well as excel as teachers and mentors in the classrooms.

If you want to have a career in the social sciences and become a researcher and full-time professor at a Business School, the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is the right Program for you



In Latin America, ranked business schools are no exception. Moreover, most countries are adopting specific policies to increase quality in higher education that relate to the training a professor must have. The new requirements include the ability to conduct scientific research in the field associated with the professor's teaching activity. 

A Doctoral Degree is not enough.  You need to make sure you are fully trained to compete for top academic positions in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Former and current students at ESAN Doctoral Program are now proving that the experience we have in our Program since 2001 is paying back.  Now they are capable of conducting research that leads to papers accepted at top academic international conferences and journals.

Why Choosing this Program?

  • It is the first Doctoral Program for working people.

  • It is a Part-time program with 5-day intensive courses organized from Wednesday to Sunday.

  • We have a learning environment of high academic quality adapted to the needs of participants.


  • Faculty are qualified researchers with active professional experience and ability to supervise scientific research.

  • Participants are able to specialize in research, teaching and consulting in areas of business administration.

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14 de Junio de 2021

Informes e inscripciones:

Ana Bertha Ruiz
Email: direcciondoctorado@esan.edu.pe
Teléfonos: 317 7200 | Anexo: 44308

Jr. Alonso de Molina 1652 - Urb. Monterrico Chico, Santiago de Surco, Lima.

Duración y Horario

El programa doctoral se desarrolla en seis (6) semestres académicos. Incluye cursos, seminarios doctorales, seminarios de investigación, un examen de candidatura, la elaboración y defensa de un propuesta doctoral, desarrollo de tesis doctoral y su defensa que conduce al grado de (PhD) en Ciencias de la Administración.